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Valley Isle NFL Flag Football

Why Play Valley Isle NFL Flag Football ?

Valley Isle NFL Flag Football L.L.C program is the premier NFL Youth Flag Football recreational league for boys and girls 4-12 Years old. Our league is an official program of the NFL and is sanctioned by USA football, the sport’s national governing body.

Our program provides young players a fun and exciting opportunity to engage in non-contact, continuous action while learning lessons in teamwork. Players develops skills that will help them succeed on and off the field. The game is 5 on 5 flag football and teaches the basic skills of football running, passing, receiving and defending. Games involve non-contact rules that eliminate all forms of blocking and tackling. The program is played on a 50-yard playing field where participants may run or pass the ball. Teams start at their 5-yard line and have Four downs to move the ball past midfield. Once a team has crossed midfield they receive a new set of Four downs to score.

Teams practice once per week for up to 90 minutes and play games on once a week for 8 weeks at Different Locations on Maui. All teams make the playoffs held on week 7 (playoffs are single elimination with teams playing 1-3 games during the playoff tournament).  Winning Team advances to week 8 for the Taro Bowl.

Valley Isle NFL Flag Football also has mandated the MPR Rule which means every kid plays equal playing time no matter what.

Advantages to Valley Isle NFL Flag Football

  1. All games and practices are insured and permitted (Not Wavered or none Permitted)
  2. All Players must wear a Rock Solid Helmet to ensure safety. ( Rock Solid Helmet Sold Separately.
  3. All Players Qualify for are  First Down Clinic that we host
  4.  Get a Real NFL Flag reversible Jersey – NFL Flag POP Flags – Adams Mouth Guard
  5. Trained Certified  Referees
  6. Led Timers and game Buzzers
  7. Concession
  8. online standings and season schedule (Not guessing when you play)
  9. Field Markers
  10. Game Locations in different areas of Maui
  11. age Verification

The List can keep going on

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